Late 20th Century Pair of Round Brass & White Rock Crystal Stone Table Lamps

Italy 2000's

Stunning pair of extremely modern & collectible table lamps. The rock crystal cylinder is a solid block of 14 Diameter x 24 Height cm. placed on top of the round brass body.
One E27 Light Bulb each.
The Italian plugs have to be changed while the electric wiring is perfect for USA.

Origin and Composition of Rock Crystal Stone

Rock crystal stone is part of the quartz family. It is a colourless quartz essentially composed of silicon dioxide. It is possible to find it in the form of colourless crystals, colourful crystals, smoky crystals or in a microscopic and translucent varieties. The two main constituents of the lithosphere being silicon and oxygen as well as quartz, it is by far the most common mineral.
Rock crystal stone is also found in granite, metamorphic granite and sedimentary rocks. The deposits of this stone are found primarily in Brazil, Madagascar, the Alps, the USA and the Himalayas.

Litho Therapeutic Properties of Rock Crystal Stone

Rock crystal stone has a symbolic property for which it is recognised. It is a receiver, transmitter and amplifier. Rock crystal stone works on the energy that is inside oneself, amplifying, transforming, storing and transmitting it.
Rock crystal stone is the perfect stone for imagination and clairvoyance. It also allows you to reach high states of meditation very quickly. For energy blockages, rock crystal helps stabilise and harmonise the etheric body as well as the body’s vibrational rate.
Thanks to rock crystal stone, the body’s energy reserves are developed as well as the parallel and psychic faculties of telepathy, visualisation, foresight or hearing, intuition or concentration.

Size: 15 Diam. x 37 H cm. 1 E27 LB (Solid Rock Crystal of 14 Diam. x 24 H cm.)


Late 20th Century Pair of Round Brass & White Rock Crystal Stone Table Lamps