Vistosi's role in the world of interior design and furniture has been growing parallel to the good taste of architecture and design in the last two centuries. After collaborating with first-rate designers during the 1960s, the company has settled on the development of modular lighting systems, in order to create even more 'customised' installations: Giogali, Diadema and Ecos are the best examples of this new course. The blend used for blowing the Vistosi glass has exclusive features: it guarantees the strength and shine of the materials through time and yet it remains the product of a handcrafted process. The glass factory is the core of the glass blowing art, safeguarded by the hands of experienced masters who don't refuse to face the challenge of manufacturing the new lines and textures born from the designers' creativity.

Monumental sputnik chandelier with orange & cream jacketed glass circles. Each glass circle (450 pieces) has been ground by hands.

16 E14 Light Bulbs.

Size: 180 Diam. x 210 H cm.


Late 20th Century Sputnik Chandelier in Jacketed Orange & White Glass by Vistosi