The ringed brass body of the chandelier with two different tones of green Pulegoso Murano art glass boules (held in place with brass large screws) to be put as a center piece in a room or over a long rectangular Pool or a Dining table for a stunning effect.
Twentysix green Murano hand blown Pulegoso glass boules of 24 diam. cm. each (all glass boules are removable for transportation).
Fiftytwo E14 Light Bulbs
The pulegoso glass is opaque due to the very high concentration of bubbles of different sizes.

Short History of the inventor of the Pulegoso glass technique:

In 1921 a newly founded glassworks, Cappellin & Venini, created the role of ‘artistic director’, appointing none other than Zecchin. This was an absolute novelty for the island and other companies were soon to follow this example; the union between art, design and the unheard of possibilities offered by the technical expertise Murano had to offer thus became a regular feature, with multiple forms of expression, and a succession of people and styles; as can be seen from the many examples on display here, each producer gradually created their own distinct identity.
The works Zecchin produced in the 1920s and 1930s for various glassworks were characterised by the purity, transparency and lightness of the material and shapes; however, in 1925 Cappellin and Venini separated. Zecchin soon made himself independent and the sculptor Napoleone Martinuzzi was appointed artistic director of the Venini until 1931; amongst other things, he invented a new glass that was opaque and thick, ‘pulegoso’ – characterised by the inclusion of countless bubbles of air in it (puleghe) and it was with this that he created original objects of definite plastic character.

Size: 270 x 90 x 175 H cm.


Late 20th Century Brass W/ Green Pulegoso Murano Art Glass Boules Chandelier